Continental education summit: 1-2-3 April Vienna, Austria

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A specter is haunting in Europe. Be it in Albania, England, Serbia or in Austria, thousands of students, parents, teachers, all in all concerned citizens in different countries are raising their voices against social selection and reforms for elite education. Depending on the country-specific degree of cuts in social services and realised structural adjustments for the EU, as well as the current affairs of each concrete political confrontations between the ruling elite and dominant powers and the ruled and dominated majority, diverse actions from education strikes to petitions, from polls to street blockades are daily happening.

At least since the wave of university occupations in 2009 until the Tunisia, Egypt and Libya in 2011 we can see that the youth and education protests have never depended on that amount of international solidarity in order to be successful.

Successes of one particular youth and education movement are to be seen as the successes of the international youth movement.

Also defeats in this or that university weaken our particular struggle in our own school, campus or country.
We, the youth in different countries, have at least one thing in common: our  perception of a future, which shouldn't be like how it is today. 
We know that otherwise is possible and that there is no one else except us to realize it.

Now it is time to find some common ground on which to base, and to claim different problems and struggles in respective cities, schools and countries as our own, to not only act according to our own particular interests and comforts, but at the same time to declare ourselves in solidarity with each other.

Participants of education protests overall in Europe need above all to discuss the four key issues and to come to a common stance:

a. University and High-School students' movement in Europe and perspectives

b. Bologna-Process and cuts in education

c. Struggle of the University Employees

d. Forms of action


Through panels and workshops under these topics, we will try to come to common political and substantive points. With a mass demonstration at Saturday on the 2nd of April, we will raise our voices on the streets together for a better education.

In the final assembly final statements and proposals will be collected, and the concrete possibilities of a continental practical cooperation will be discussed. In a common final statement, the results of the summit will be made public.

We are calling all the progressive, democratic and revolutionary youth, organisations, students of university and high-school as well as teachers and academical staff to support the event and to get in touch with us.

Rights are not given, they are taken!


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