Our #globalmay won't stop!!!

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Comunicato di Unicommon in solidarietà ai fatti del 12 maggio a Puerta del Sol. Yesterday, 12th May, hundreds of thousands of people in dozens of cities around the world have come together for a global change. In Spain the police, using a clear intimidating strategy, has evicted almost simultaneously the peaceful demonstrations taking place in different cities (Valencia, Seville, Palma de Mallorca, Cadiz and Madrid).

What happened tonight at Puerta del Sol it’s another example on how this European Union want to treat the social movements. After the deny to demonstrate in Frankfurt from 17th May to 19th May, we have seen a violent and repressive evacuation of Puerta del Sol. But we are not scared and #GlobalMay will not be stopped.
For us Puerta del sol and all the Spanish accampadas are not just square, but they are new public and common space built by the people in this year of struggles and that’s why they have the legitimacy to stay until they want.
We want to remind to our governments that our rights and future cannot be sold. We have the right to stay in Puerta del Sol as we have the right to demonstrate in Frankfurt.
Against austerity, against the dictatorship of the European Central Bank, we are building a new Europe made by social struggles for a new welfare and a radical and common democracy.
We will be today:
in Madrid at Puerta del Sol at 5 p.m.
in Barcelona at Plaza Catalunya at 5 p.m.
in Frankfurt from 17 May to 19 May to block ECB.
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